Posted by: Kappa | October 22, 2007

IIMK Live dot com

Rarely have we undertaken so large a task, so bold an endeavor, and accomplished it with such aplomb. Today we unveil Portal. Showcase. Blog. Photo Gallery. Email. Forum. Collaborative Calendar. Everything. Online. Accessible from all over, not just within the institute. We’ve come a long way in these last ten years, but very few things signify our drive to be the best there is, as clearly as this does.

IIM Kozhikode is a strange place. We’re young, brimming with energy, yet unsure of who we are, what K is, how the world perceives us. We want to know what our identity is, yet script it at the same time.

There come moments, though, when one among us stands up, gives a damn about brand, perception, image and the like, and simply does what the institute needs, instead of what would be thought of as good. This is when something like is conceived and born.

 Hobbled by an unmoving administration and bound by a demanding student life, the team has overcome indifference, doubt, even outright ridicule to create something we are all proud of.

Today, the team goes Live. K, you rock.



  1. While the world may fondly remember us for what we have been, let us give them an opportunity to look upto us for what follows, for what we can be instead of lameinting about what we could have been. And its this spirit of K that i salute now as ever, and in doing so would like to convey my heartiest congratulations and best wishes to the team behind this. Let this be a shining example to everyone that there is no such thing as the impossible dream !

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